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Terms of enrolment - Instructor Led Training Programs

  • BA Central reserves rights to decline admissions to those not fulfilling training program specific requirements.

  • Entry to instructor led training programs is by invitation only and subjected to receipt of FULL payment of the training fee.

  • Participants providing misrepresentations of facts may be debarred from attending the training session irrespective of when it gets discovered (i.e. before start or during the training program). BA Central reserves right to decline refund of fee paid by such participants.

  • Only secured PDFs of presentations and documents used in the training shall be provided to the participants.

  • On attending instructor led training program (and/or self-paced online course), participant agrees not to reproduce, redistribute, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, scan, publish or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of training material, associated exhibits and artefacts or content made available to the participant without a prior written permission from the mentor Trividh Patel.

Terms of participation – Professional code of conduct

  • During live training, participant must at least wear semi-formals or smart casuals and MUST be presentable.

  • Use of rude, aggressive, or threatening language while interacting with the instructor (and/or with other participants) by the participant will be considered as misconduct.

  • Capturing of audios or videos of the training sessions using cameras, mobile phones, recorders or any other devices is strictly prohibited.

  • Attending of instructor led live training by anyone other than the intended participant is strictly prohibited and will be considered as misconduct.

  • Participants can be debarred by the instructor for any misconducts during the training. BA Central reserves right to decline refund of fees paid by such participants.

Terms for rescheduling sessions

  • In case any participant has to reschedule any session(s), they should intimate the instructor with the reason for rescheduling at least 1 day in advance.

  • Maximum of two rescheduling will be allowed and beyond that INR 700 or USD 10 shall be charged for each rescheduling.

Terms in event of cancellation by the participant

  • In case any participant has to cancel enrolment BEFORE START of the instructor led training program (due to personal or official reasons), they should intimate the BA Central with the reason for cancellation and training program fee paid minus total fee charged by the payment gateway (during both initial payment and on refund, if any) as cancellation fee would be refunded as per original mode of payment.

  • In case any participant want to discontinue or opt-out of instructor led training program AFTER it has STARTED, no refund will be provided.


Terms in event of cancellation by the BA Central

  • BA Central shall not cancel instructor led training. However, in case of natural calamities such as earthquakes, fire etc, or any other health or medical emergencies, instructor may propose to reschedule the training, and if the instructor is not in position to deliver the instructor led training, fee paid shall be adjusted based on the live sessions that are already completed and access granted for self-paced online courses, and the balance fee shall be refunded as per original mode of payment.

  • Disputes, if any, will be subject to Mumbai (Maharashtra state, India) jurisdiction.

Last Updated: 18-Dec-2021

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