IIBA CBAP CCBA ECBA Business Analysis Certification - Part 3

Learn Elicitation and Collaboration knowledge area and associated tasks as per IIBA BABOK Guide version 3.0

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What you'll learn in this part 3

  • Understand business analysis concepts and tasks specified in the Elicitation & Collaboration knowledge area of IIBA BABOK Guide v3.0


  • Beginner to expert level knowledge and/or experience in Business Analysis
  • Participant should have completed Part 1 and Part 2 of IIBA CBAP CCBA ECBA Business Analysis Certification course


The whole course provides a well structured approach to help you learn concepts of IIBA BABOK Guide version 3.0 and this part 3 is useful to prepare for IIBA CBAP and CCBA certification as well as ECBA certificate exam.

Key Benefits

  • Attempt quizzes (after each lecture) and reinforce learning
  • Earn PD hours for ECBA application
  • Remember concepts using downloadable PDFs

Content of the Part 3

  • Introduction to Elicitation and Collaboration knowledge area
  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation
  • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Communicate Business Analysis Information
  • Manage Stakeholder Collaboration

Course Duration

  • Part 3 of the course will take 1 hour to complete
  • The whole course (all 7 parts) will take about 7 hours to complete
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Earn PD hours for ECBA application *

As per IIBA guidelines,

  • Online courses (without actual instructor) will only qualify for PD hours needed for ECBA application (and not for CCBA or CBAP).
  • You only get 1 PD hour for 1 hour of course content. So, for 7 hours of whole course (all 7 parts), you will earn 7 PD hours for ECBA application.
  • For rest of PD hours, you can attend other online courses in business analysis and also claim hours spent on studying BABOK Guide.

Please note that course does not cover 50 most commonly used business analysis techniques (described in chapter 10 of BABOK guide v3.0), as it is difficult to provide explanation (with examples) for these many techniques in an online course. However, participants would be able to study use of techniques from the provided downloadable PDF file.

Please also note that the course does not cover 5 perspectives (described in chapter 11 of BABOK guide v3.0), as there shall be no questions on them in the exam (as clarified by IIBA in one of their webinars). However, CBAP/ CCBA aspirants are advised to go through them directly from BABOK guide v3.0.

Who this course is for:

  • Students enrolled in business analysis academic programs
  • New graduates who are learning and developing business analysis skills
  • Experienced Business Analyst
  • Professionals with business or domain experience who want to change career into business analysis
  • Managers who manage Business Analysts

Course includes: 46 mins on-demand video | 8 video lectures | 3 downloadable resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of enrolling to so many different individual parts, do I have option to enroll to a single/ full course?

Your Instructor

Trividh Patel, CBAP
Trividh Patel, CBAP

Trividh has about 20 years of experience in Business/ Process Analysis, Consulting, Pre-sales, and Project Management in Insurance (Life/ P&C / Healthcare / Social Security), Banking, Lending, Media and Sports domain.

In past, he has worked for leading IT Services companies such as Capgemini Consulting, Wipro Technologies, Syntel Inc. etc as Business Architect, Lead/ Sr. Business Analyst, and as IT Project Manager. He has executed several business analysis projects for reputed organisations from USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Japan and India. He has good track record of leading team of Business Analysts to deliver business analysis projects.

Trividh Patel has done Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Systems from JBIMS and Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) from VJTI, University of Mumbai (India). He has also done PG Diploma in Software Technology (PGDST) from CDAC (erstwhile NCST) and is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) by MSME, Government of India.

Trividh is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA, certificate# 13430221), Canada since March 2012.

For guidance or queries, connect >

Trividh Patel, CBAP | LinkedIn

Trividh Patel, CBAP | LinkedIn


Timothy Figueroa | Recipient of IIBA Level 3 - CBAP Certification


Understandable, organized material, comprehensive approach, good quizes.

Trividh Patel, CBAP

Instructor response

Thank you for attending all 7 parts (Part 1 - Part 7) and congratulations on passing IIBA CBAP exam! Well done.

Kristi Whiteaker


I'm using the course as reinforcement of what I have already had experience or studied for. This would not be enough to take the CBAP exam and I'm not sure it would be enough for CCBA.

Trividh Patel, CBAP

Instructor response

Thank you for your rating and feedback. You are right, 7 hours of on-demand online training cannot provide all the knowledge and experience required for challenging CBAP or CCBA exam.

Having said that, I believe this training can surely help participants to learn on their own, at their own pace and time. It will certainly reduce number of times they need to go through whole BABOK Guide and all this at a very affordable price (as compared to hundreds of dollars of other courses in the market). Thank you for attending all 7 parts (Part 1 - Part 7) of the IIBA Certification Course.

Mrs Robyn Liggins


Good grounding information.

Trividh Patel, CBAP

Instructor response

Thank you for attending all 7 parts (Part 1 - Part 7) of the IIBA Certification Course.

Kateryna Cherkashyna


Great for exam preparation! Good and understandable structure of the BABOK. I like that I can check my knowledge and gaps during multiple provided quizzes. Thank you!!!!

Trividh Patel, CBAP

Instructor response

This is exactly how course is designed and how it should be used. Thank you for your feedback.

Tammy Courville


This is really helping me get ready for my exam.

LeVar Rice-Savage


I noticed some grammatical issues with a few question which slightly through me off. Its not a huge issue but I felt the questions were not properly review prior.

Trividh Patel, CBAP

Instructor response

Please do let us know question numbers and we will sure take a look. Thanks..

Kimberly Yoss


I like the comprehensive approach that Trividh uses to layout and explain the concepts.

Gjalt Reitsma


Most relevant items covered and explained well. Saves a lot of time as now I can go much quicker through the BABOK guide.

Ashwin Kishore Shirale


Great course! Focused on BABOK and to the point.

Sharon Boyd


Helps make the section very clear and relatable to the rest of the course.

Access for the lifetime of the course, or at least 3 years

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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