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Top 10 Mistakes in Requirements Elicitation

Elicitation involves bringing out or drawing out information. Elicitation is a key task in business analysis as without proper elicitation the requirements for the solution to the business needs cannot be identified. 1. Not understanding underlying business need Organization’s Business...


How Did I Achieve My CBAP?

At first, I wanted to tell people how they should go about getting their IIBA certification. But then I thought the best way to do this is by actually telling “how did I achieve my own CBAP?” So, friend’s here is my story. I started working as Business Analyst in 2002. I have used multiple...


Top 10 mistakes in Use Case Modelling

Use case modelling is the most powerful requirements modelling technique to model solution requirements if applied correctly. I have come across many BA teams (including my own) that made lot of common mistakes in use case modelling. By avoiding the top 10 mistakes identified in this paper, BA...


How do I become a Business Analyst?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered ever since I have started mentoring business analysts. Before exploring ‘how’, one should ask ‘why do I want to become a business analyst?’ Is it just because every talented individual want to do it, or you want better...


Research: Roles and background before becoming a Business Analyst

I am pleased to share the analysis of a Qualitative Survey to understand the backgrounds of Business Analysts (BAs) and the roles they have held prior to becoming BAs. This survey was conducted as an informal poll on LinkedIn. The numbers of participants are over 250 and hence are statistically...